Irene michaels is
daring, gutsy &, Tenacious

With Irene, you never know what she will tackle next. Her musical versatility is one of her most valuable qualities. At the remarkable age of 78, she continues to pursue her musical dreams with endless dedication.

Stay tuned for more exciting releases, slated for early 2024!

Irene Michaels, a Chicago native, made a name for herself in the vibrant Chicago music scene. As a multi-talented artist, she embodies the spirit of a true Renaissance woman. Initially known for her influential blog, I On The Scene, Irene has already established a lasting personal brand. Committed to expanding her career, she delved into her passion for music. Turning her attention to music, Irene began working with renowned house music producer, Joe Smooth, to produce her first two international cover hits. “Hush Money” and “Devil in Disguise” sent waves throughout the music industry.

Irene Michaels Preforms on Stage
Irene Michaels Signs Her Beauty Book
Irene Michaels Sings with a band
Irene Michaels Looks at the Camera

Later in 2023, Irene unveiled her first original song, “I Like Rain”. Co-written and composed with accomplished songwriter Michael A. Levine, who has collaborated with notable artists such as Lorde and Roberta Flack, this song earned Irene a “Josie Award” for “Song of the Year”. Following this success, Irene tackled the well-known classic “What the World Needs Now Is Love,” bringing a fresh sound to this beloved song.