Irene michaels is
daring, gutsy &, Tenacious

With Irene, you never know what she will tackle next. Her musical versatility is one of her most valuable qualities. At the remarkable age of 78, she continues to pursue her musical dreams with endless dedication.

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Irene Michaels … the fairytale story of Chicago’s timeless sweetheart, a Renaissance Woman who has shared her unique talents and boundless positive aura not only within her hometown Windy City which she has embraced her whole life, but also to a much broader global multi-media audience for decades.                                                             

Irene Michael inspires all ages with her uncommon grace in the constant slaying of the many obstacles that face us all. Irene continues to slay ageism in an entertainment industry notorious for it running rampant, and without need for magic incantations. She inspires a constantly evolving world with proven old school principles – humble hard work, smartly focused persistence, innate class and grace, and God-given talent that she continues to hone and has never taken for granted well into her seventies. 

Irene’s timeless outward beauty resonates from an internal beauty which has been developed over a lifetime of breathless experience and personal growth, displaying a glamour and vibrance that knows no bounds and that she willingly shares with all as her best example of overcoming life’s obstacles and thriving, and not just for those reaching the autumn of their lives, but those facing such obstacles at any age. 

Born in Chicago to Leonard and Myrtle Tallerico, Irene herself become enthralled with the world of entertainment from a small child.  An aspiring artist beguiled by the magic of dance and music, Irene pursued her passions from this young age, with countless practice and lessons, continuing to pursue her craft through her teen years over socializing with her friends.

Her early tenacity as a singer/dancer enabled Irene to dance her way through the US in chorus lines, showcases and features. She captured her first Beauty Contest victory at age 21 as “Miss Photo Flash.”  Irene turned such an accomplishment into a thriving modeling career (which she still does) and then to owning her own successful modeling agency which enabled her to share her newfound wealth with her family who helped her run it.

Irene can also slay on horseback. Saddled with boundless energy and bountiful talents, Irene has never limited herself in pursuit of her passions. At age 11, she rode a pony at a carnival, and it was “love at first ride.” Simultaneously and most successfully also pursuing another childhood dream, Irene likewise became a champion equestrian. She still actively rides to this day, now most enjoying her time on the mount of her horse Mark, as she continues to prove that one can still win, place and show into their seventies.

Irene’s life journey also beckoned her to relocate to LA where she caught the acting bug, landing a recurring role in the iconic soap opera General Hospital, and also featuring on the silver screen in Hollywood movies including “Killer Klowns From Outer Space”, “Dying Alone”, Home Alone 2”, “Straight Talk”, “Mickey One”, “River Made to Drown In”, amongst others. 

Yet again compelled to move forward, Irene continued to evolve and further broaden her scope of roles, as she next parlayed her breadth of experience as a singer, model, equestrienne and actress into that of an author and lifestyle blogger.

Irene’s creation of her “ionthescene” brand and publication enabled her to explore beauty, luxury, and entertainment for her legions of fans, and then naturally led her to create her own beauty products and cosmetic line, while also penning a book on the subject at the same time called “I On Beauty.”  Irene’s book and blog inspires many of all ages, and perhaps especially so women of 50 and older, helping show all how to stay young and beautiful, selflessly sharing her own personal tips and successful experiences from her magical realm. 

In 2023, Irene in her late 70’s became an “overnight” House Music Diva sensation with the hit song co-written by her entitled “I Like Rain.”, which brought her “Best Pop Song of the Year” at the Josie Music Awards in Nashville and an award from Get Out Magazine (one of the most well-respected LGBTQ publications on the planet). On the heels of such success, Irene signed several record label deals, staying close to home with Chicago’s own iconic TRAX Records for “I Like Rain”, and then also with NYC’s Tribeca Records for her cover of “What the World Needs Now” (the song now featured in the new “Joker” film trailer, and as first made famous by Jackie DeShannon and written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David). The latter recording garnered Irene Grammy nomination consideration, and she has again this year been nominated by the Josie Awards for Actress in a Music Video and Artist of the Year.

You can also experience Irene Michaels on a live stage, where with the right ticket you can enjoy Irene’s inspiring talent along with her own live retelling of her foundational life-stories in her intimate sold-out one woman shows throughout Chicago and New York. Irene’s unique story touches her audience, enabling replays of past memories with the awakening of the potential opportunity that can be had by all who choose to embrace life as does Irene. Irene’s social life unsurprisingly also jumps as freely as her horses on the equestrian tracks, featuring high society and celebrity parties, where Irene enjoys sharing inspiration with her many friends from over the years.

As Irene sits peacefully for a moment with her cat Felix and her orange poodle Rudy, she reflects upon her past, and realizes that her dreams never got in the way of her actions. The world continues to move around us all. And while many try to shape themselves to fit, Irene Michaels continues to invite us all to pursue our passions and allow internal inspiration to guide our way, as she has, and continues to do – an example to all to continue to enjoy life and slay all obstacles in her path.

Irene Michaels Preforms on Stage
Irene Michaels Signs Her Beauty Book
Irene Michaels Sings with a band